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My Husband Craig sent this message to our Daughter Allie last August. She loved his message so much she shared it on Facebook and it received such a beautiful response. I included the response from our oldest Daughter Chelsie as well. I hope in light of the recent world news that his words can give hope, I know it did for me as our Daughter Allie left Paris the afternoon of the massacre on her way to London on Friday. Love & God bless, Teri

August 30th, 2015
It is so easy to lose sight of what life is all about. Whenever I’m having a bad day, doubting myself, or need a word of encouragement, I can always count on my Dad. He is so incredibly wise. I received this message this morning and it
put me back on track and gave me peace. I couldn’t help sharing these beautiful words with all of you. Let today and everyday be one of kindness and love. Thank you Dad ❤
(In case you didn’t know, fish is one of my Dads nicknames for me)

“Fish, there are so many people hurting out there, insecure fearful and depressed. They may look like they have it all together but are hurting or are lonely. Allow your spirit to feel and see the real people who are brought to your presence. Be yourself, the soft sweet gentle and caring person that you are. You will be called upon to give just the right smile, touch and words of encouragement when its most needed. People will be drawn to you. The bible says you will be like the light on the hill and the salt of the earth.Put your wants and needs aside and let the Lord use you to do his works. God will bless you with all the desires of your heart and the journey will be filled with love and joy beyond your wildest dreams. Love, Dad”

In response from Chelsie- “I could not be more proud or thankful to have him as our Dad. These are his words that he has said anytime that we focus on ourselves or go through difficult times….And usually during a big hug or slow dance…And I always bawl, because it is so incredibly powerful and real. The thought that we are to find our happiness and fulfillment through creating and prioritizing the happiness of others is something that our world could benefit from. True humility. I needed this message badly- sometimes we need a reminder to realize our perspective on what is really important. My heart feels a much needed calm- thank you for sharing, love you!”

Allie & Teresa 11/13/15
Allie & Teresa 11/13/15

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