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Four New Purrfect Babies!!!

This past Wednesday was a very big day in the Carpenter family! Allie and I went to the airport for a very special arrival, 4 baby Persians!!!

Introducing my two new babies-
Mercedes Josephine (Sadie Jo)


Maxwell Vespurr (Max)


And, Allie’s two new girls-

Miss Gabanna (Gabby)


And Lulu Chanel (Sweet Lu)


Our family knew that we were living on borrowed time with our Truffles and Mocha and had been searching for a breeder for the last 3+ years. It was Allie that found one that we absolutely loved- Christypaws. It was so hard to let our sweethearts go this last end of summer and this house of ours was just too quiet. A part of you says -I am NEVER going through that ever again! And then theres the part of you that just needs that undeniable love of a little fur ball. Christy could not have treated us better, she updated us every two weeks on all the babies and kept me smiling when smiling was a little tough.


I chose her as a breeder because of her sweet spirit and excellent care for her kittens.

Christy with Sadie ❤

It was an incredible experience and can’t tell you enough on what an amazing person Christy is. When December 9th,2015 finally rolled around it was a morning of wonderful texts from close friends and family. The anticipation of finally meeting these sweet little souls was amazing! Allie and I were off to the airport!

With now “happy tears” rolling down my face I knew it was the best decision to open my heart and have two new sweethearts in my life and Allie will now have 2 girls to raise and call her own! Thank you Christy for our PURRFECT additions! WE LOVE YOU!!!


2 thoughts on “Four New Purrfect Babies!!!

  1. Awwwww….. what precious new little ones you have! Congratulations! They are all adorable ~ but my eye is on Sadie…. I want her *_* Best wishes to your family on this joyful event! Judy M.

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