Quilt Addiction

My Dearest Shannon,

The following post is woven with love, words and pictures from a recent card and quilt sent to our beautiful Niece fighting an unexpected stage 4 cancer. This is Craig’s very first Niece and such an amazing doll! She and her wonderful husband Bill are National swing dance teachers and are loved and admired by so many! These two were even in a Johnny Depp movie!! Recently Shannon thought she had the flu, instead she was handed the news of stage 4 cancer. So incredibly saddened by this news that I started her a very special quilt the next day. I had created my Serenity quilt a few years ago and has been made only twice before. A design prompted by my husband for a dear friend of his, then again for a friend of the family. She is fighting this battle like a champ choosing a very aggressive path towards her recovery. She has requested cat videos via FaceBook to keep her smiling…. Shannon, as you will see from my pictures my kitties couldn’t wait to be a part of this! WE LOVE YOU Shannonann and cannot wait for you to be healed!!!

“My dearest Shannon,
First and foremost this family is sending you ALL of our LOVE. We are handling this news of yours exactly as this:
We are putting you in God’s hands with INFINITE FAITH. He knows the GREATEST DESIRES of our hearts and we are CLAIMING THIS MIRACLE.


You have always had such a big spot in all of our hearts. You hunny are one UNIQUE individual!


You always have a gleam in your eye, graceful and so FUN! Bill, big props to you- you are the absolute BEST!

When I saw the Caring Bridge post that Tuesday night I was so sad- I was up at 2 am studying your Face Book page… you (of course) love the 1920-1930’s and the color red, you love black and white stripes and everything lovely.


I set out to make you something that would remind you of how much you are LOVED and you are not ALONE in this.


It’s sunny yellow on the back for the days that you need a little extra sunshine and it is big enough for snuggling with Bill  ❤

It has been washed so its all set for you! Stay positive & strong! With all of our love, Teri & Craig, Chelsie, Ryan, Allie & Tyler

The making of the Serenity Quilt:

A few years ago Craig came to me and asked me if I would make something for a dear friends wife who had bone marrow cancer, he said it had to be very special. I asked, like a quilt?, and for the first time he said yes. I always try to put myself in the persons position, what would make me happy? I quickly called the husband and found out her favorite color. Then came faith, I knew that my favorite prayer was perfect. Then came love, a heart to remind them of how much your loved and wings to remind you that I sent you all of my Angels.  A quilt sized just right for hospital or home and for snuggling with your loved ones. Quilts really are like a great big hug when you need one, a fabric version of really good chicken soup. For Shannon, I relied on the reproduction fabrics knowing of her love for this era. I really needed this quilt to remind Shannon of who she is, and I needed it to be comforting.Here is how I started.


The blocks were placed, the borders were looking good and my center was ready to go.


I look over at my table and Max just flat out decided that he was going to play a big part of this!


With the blocks coming along , I was happy with the way it was turning out. Max & Sadie were pretty happy too!

Max still isn’t understanding that sometimes Mom just needs her table…


Although, he did have a great suggestion when I needed it! How did he know?!!


With the last addition of the red border, it was nothing but borders left!


Sometimes its good to take a break…. playtime and a good coffee.

With the big borders on, it was done in just 5 days and ready to go to my quilter Norma.



How lucky am I to have such a wonderful quilter?! I messaged her what was going on and she dropped everything to quilt this and send it back within 24 hours! Thats a good woman ❤ Norma, again- thank you so much!!!! The quilt was back and it was perfect! Next to shear it down and prep for the binding- right miss Sadie?!!



It turned out beautiful and now just to wash it so it was ready for Shannon at her new place.


Shannon and Bill have a long road a head of them, we are asking for any and all prayers!

With Shannon losing her job in the middle of this and not able to teach dance any help would be greatly appreciated ❤

Donations can be made at posthole.org/…nal/202561/how-you-can-help

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Here are the first two quilts ❤

This is made for bone marrow cancer survivor Sue
This was made in loving memory of Dave Jeffrey

8 thoughts on “My Dearest Shannon,

  1. Shannon’s quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I am sure will bring her much comfort! She will be in my thoughts and prayers. The other quilts are beautiful as well. I just had a 32 year old cousin diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. My first thought was to make her a quilt as well to let her know we are thinking about and praying for her.

  2. The only words in reply. Beautiful quilt, beautifully written and a beautiful person with a wonderful heart. Thank you for sharing and caring. My thoughts and prayers are with Shannon and her husband.

  3. Thank you, Teri, for your love, support, creativity, passion and action! Shannon and Bill love the beautiful quilt and we all are touched by your thoughtful gift. So blessed and thankful for you and the family. With much love,


    1. Sean, thank you so much for helping me out with the quilt I couldn’t have gotten a better person !! We all love your family and we are all praying !!

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