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The pumpkin Fairy 2016

Hellooooo Fall! So excited for the crisp cold air, the gorgeous leaves and of course those beautiful pumpkins!

Last Sunday I celebrated 4 years of my blog- Mama Carp & co!!. It’s pretty easy to remember the date and year since we launched it on my most favorite Mother in laws 90th birthday October 16th.  So Sunday Craig and I went to celebrate her 94th birthday and as always she ended up making both our days!! What a divine soul she is- Marge is SUCH an amazing person!!


So, 4 years…That’s pretty awesome I’d say! I thought it would be fun to catch up by sharing a favorite photo of mine from each month from the past year.

November 2015- Thanksgiving family picture…group effort fail lol


December 2015- Christmas day, pure bliss.


January 2016-Puerto Rico


February 2016- Sadie & Max, filling my heart to the brim ❤


March 2016- My Mom helping me for my Godson Nate and Jolene’s wedding shower.


April 2016- Cancun, Mexico…Godson Nate & Jolene’s wedding- all 9 cousins!!!


May 2016- Hun & our garden…trying something newIMG_1926.jpg

June 2016- our resident mr. & mrs. loon with the first babies for us ever!!


July 2016-the 4th of July… 22 sleeping under our roof on the 2nd, 26 on the 3rd………..


August 2016- my favorite memory of the summer, early morning paddle boarding with Chelsie ❤


September 2016- The MN State Fair, the first thing we eat together….. for 30 years ❤

img_3308This past summer was my absolutely favorite! I tried really hard to work on our house and just enjoy what was in front of me. There were countless good times, lots of great memories, so many new friends and awesome pictures!

October 2016- The pumpkin Fairy was a busy girl….


Also!! HAPPY 1st  BIRTHDAY to our new babies!! We love you Max, Sadie, Gabby & Lulu!


Mr. Max ❤

Miss Sadie Jo ❤


Miss Gabby ❤

Miss Lulu ❤


Such sweet babies! Never did I think my heart would repair after the loss of our Truffles & Mocha- they cannot ever be replaced but if your questioning ever opening your heart again to a beloved fur baby after losing one I’m telling you YES! The absolute best decision EVER!

Lastly, this is actually really cool- it’s the 25th anniversary of the 1991 Halloween snowstorm here in Minnesota- holy cats did we get a lot of snow! Funny thing, I was so busy with sewing the kids costumes that I had absolutely NO IDEA we were expecting snow haha! Here’s a few pictures from that day and an article about the epic snowstorm.






“Out of the top 5 weather events of the 20th century, October 31st, 1991 ranked 3rd. Across much of Eastern Minnesota, trick-or-treaters donned snowmobile suits as the snow began to fall during the afternoon. This marked the beginning of a major storm that pounded Minnesota over a 3 day period. The storm dropped 28.4 inches of snow on the Twin Cities, setting a single storm record for the metro area. Duluth received 36.9, the largest single storm total in Minnesota history.”


It will be a balmy 60 degree’s this Monday- no snow! ….Well, it is Minnesota…..BAHAHAHA! Happy Halloween from our family to yours-have fun and be safe!!!

And most of all – THANK YOU for following me, I’m so excited for this next year!!  Love & God bless, Teri ❤



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