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What’s​ your word for the New Year?


A few years back I was asked a question from my niece Kris, “Whats your word for the New Year?!!” … My word?….I had always done the same ole list of resolutions that was never achieved and very quickly forgotten. This would be something new for me for sure, something that would require a new way of thinking. Sometimes, in this case, it’s something that you could easily get excited about and I was more than ready to give it a try. Every year since my favorite time of the year that I look so forward to is the week before New years… that is when my niece Kris and I rapidly text back and forth and possibly a face time or phone call talking about what word would be ours for the coming year. After much conversing, laughter and deep (much needed) conversation we find our words. It’s so fun to check in with each other throughout the year to see how we’re doing with “said” word. What a wonderfully spectacular way to not only start a New Year but keep close ties to the people you love that are in it with you! I have wanted for many years now to do a post on this but somehow time always seems to slip away. Enough! I asked my niece to write about this so I could share her words with everyone!

“Some of you know that I choose an inspiring word to live by every year. My friend Wilson started me on this back in 2001 and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s much friendlier (and more fun!) than having a list of insulting New Years resolutions suggesting that I’m somehow failing my life. So if your goal is to lose weight, eat better, exercise more – you could choose a word like ‘healthy’. Maybe you choose ‘active’ instead of watch less tv, ‘peace’ rather than ‘stop fighting with my spouse’ – you get the picture. Over the years, I’ve seen how powerful it is to share your word with your friends and watch how they hold you accountable. They see you for your possibility and support you in it. I don’t remember all my words, but many of them. I try to remember all of my friend’s words so I can check in and see how they’re doing. This year’s word is ‘EXTRAORDINARY’. I’m committed to allowing only those people who inspire me, into my heart.”

Isn’t she amazing?! How lucky am I to have a niece only 6 years younger! With my next sibling being 6 years older, Kris has always been more of the “little sister I never had” especially since we lived side by side in Coon Rapids, MN until I was 15.
Thank you, Kris, for sharing your words! My hope is to inspire anyone reading this to give it a try, it seriously is AMAZING! This year Kris and I talked for over 2 hours trying to figure out what word I was to pick for 2017. This year was definitely a little harder for me to pin down…after much discussion my word ended up as “me”. Yes, “me I’m actually very excited to see how it goes ❤
Some years are more telling than others, for example, last year I chose self-discovery… I think one day soon I will recall something that happened that will make me understand how that word played out. I’ve been so spinning out of control busy this past 2016 that I haven’t had much time to reflect on it…but one thing I know for sure, there were plenty of things that happened that made my word a very real thing. The word that meant the most to me with such significance was the word “Joy” for 2015. When picking out that particular word (which came to me instantly) my niece asked me joy? why joy?!! You are the most joyful person I know!… I replied, … but not in the inside. There was a silence on the phone, she then understood. She checked in with me several times thru the year asking me how that word was going and I had told her that there had already been several occasions when something happened and that word of mine had popped up in my head and I happily smiled and filed the memory in my “joy” file in my head anxiously awaiting for more wonderful things to unfold. Then came my favorite week once again to find my new word and reflecting on how “joy” went, I was very happy because I knew that somehow throughout the year I had been made aware of the many forms of joy in my life. Best thing and most memorable thing though happened the afternoon of New Year’s Eve that same week… When looking for a veterinarian for my daughter near Columbia Heights I apparently entered the wrong door and was on the grooming side… after waiting longer than I normally have patience for a woman walked out and she looked like she had the world on her shoulders. Her face was drained and bags under her eyes. She apologized for her delay and asked what I needed. I told her that I was looking for a good vet in that area for my daughter’s new kittens and explained that we had just lost our two beloved cats after 18 1/2 & 20 years and was so excited for our new babies. She responded with”I just lost my baby too” I hesitated, my heart somehow knew I was there for a much bigger reason than what I thought….. I asked an animal?! full well knowing that no, it was not an animal. She had just lost her daughter “Sephora” ( her 4th daughter) and she showed me a framed picture- it took my breath away because I knew that the beauty I saw was an angel. I talked with her for a very long time. She cried and we hugged. Then it was time for me to carefully tell her what was on my heart, I told her that when I looked at the beautiful picture of her daughter I saw an angel and told her I believed she really was not suppose to be here long. I believed she was here for a purpose and asked her what did she learn from this sweet 6-month-old? Her face completely lit up and she cried and laughed telling me that little Sephora was amazingly happy and completely uninhibited. I told her that her daughter would not be very happy with her mom to see her so sad! That she would always be with her and guide her in her life. She broke down crying in my arms, then somehow she just brightened up. She explained how hard it had been, especially that particular day. She had never thought of the situation in that light and I could tell she was ok with it. I was so happy I had walked into the wrong door! To top it off as I was leaving she just wanted to show me a picture on her phone of her favorite ever cat she had groomed years prior. Seriously, there were no words- it was a picture of my other daughter’s cat who now lives in Eagan. To this day I will never believe it! Funny how things happen and how on the very last day of my word “joy” I had more joy in my heart than I could believe! God is good! So, hurry up!! Choose your word carefully and watch how it plays out in the new coming year! Happiest of New Years to you! Love and tons of blessings, Teri


My ‘EXTRAORIDINARY’ niece Kris and my beautiful Mom, Thanksgiving 2015



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  1. Hi Terry, this is Lorrie at Quilter’s Haven. I had a minute during my lunch break to check out your blog and I LOVE your words of wisdom; especially the story around the word Joy.

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