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According to Siri…

According to Siri May 10th, 2018 (my last post) was 598 days, 85 weeks or 20 months ago.

I was well aware as I love my place here but just needed some time to figure some things out. It is absolutely mind blowing the blessings that happened during that time and with that I am one incredibly grateful person.

In gearing up for 2020 comes my usual search for my “word” for the year that I do with my beautiful niece Kris. This year was easy for once, the word “intent” flooded into my mind. I’m so excited to see what this next year brings!  My word for 2019 was “Family” and let me tell you, it really was!

To sum everything up…

June (2018) Craig and I became grandparents to a beautiful little girl, Ellery Kathryn! So many prayers for this little one, 4 1/2 years to be exact and couldnt be happier for Chelsie & Ryan and their new baby girl!

September, Daughter Allie became engaged to Jared


November, A beautiful wedding shower for Allie & Jared

December, Quite the Bachelorette party…

February (2019) After a whirlwind of festivities, Allie & Jared are wed!

Later that month we started building a treehouse…


March, Our Son Tyler proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Laura followed by an engagement party & wedding planning ❤



Also in March Allie & Jared surprised us with their announcement of their first baby! 

 May, Chelsie, Ryan & Elle moved by us! (no more day caring an hour away!)


June, Elle turned one!

July, Allie & Jared moved 15 minutes closer to us, Laura lost her engagement ring in the lake followed by a big celebration party with a couple new friends to properly thank for finding it!

October, baby showers for Allie & Jared and Aubriana Noel was born!

November, Craig & I celebrated 33 years, also Thanksgiving marked 2 years for Allie and I  going gluten & dairy free!

December, We enjoyed Christmas as a family of now 10!


The week between Christmas and New years is always interesting to me, making sure I have picked a word for the new year and having so much fun going through my facebook and instagram feeds catching up on everyones celebrations! This year someone posted a question… what was your biggest accomplishment of the year? After the year I just had I seriously could not pick one thing, several days later I finally came up with it-  I’m so thankful that God gave me a husband filled with wisdom to have helped me avoid having my face disfigured by surgery. Basil cell carcinoma is no joke especially when your faced with a “surgery happy” doctor. With hope I followed a less invasive proceedure, after treatment  I was cleared! My new docter was surprised it was all gone-  the smile on my face was so big she could hardly get to the area to triple check it! The best part was calling Craig to tell him the big news, he was so excited and so sweet, he assured me that I would always be beautiful to him… ❤ grateful for his love, wisdom, research and caring enough to find another way rather than surgery to help me. That was quite an accomplishment!

Now that I feel like we’ve caught up, I have so many posts that I cannot wait to share!

I’m grateful beyond words for such wonderful family and friends and I am wishing you all an amazing New Year filled with a surplus of Gods love, protection and blessings! Love, Teri

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