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Call on your Angels!

Long ago my beloved Mother in law sat me down to make sure she instilled in me her love of Angels. She told me, your Angels are always gathered all around you, call on them whenever you need them they are always there to help ❤

From that very day forward I have an immense love for the Angels, they are always there, have helped me in countless ways and have never failed me!

This last summer my Angels were called on and they came in droves! 

Living on the lake we try to get out and join family & friends at the sandbar. I rarely take pictures but for some reason that day I did, they would prove to be worthy of their value. Beautiful weather, waist high water and the family was tossing a football, seemed like a perfect kind of day…

Craig & I headed back to start supper and my Son called me. I just knew something wasn’t right. He said hey Ma, don’t panic but, do you remember seeing Laura’s ring on her hand. Oh boy… 

The kids and their friends stayed out till it was dark frantically looking everywhere on the boats they were hooked up with and the water. Sadly they came back without her beautiful engagement ring. My poor daughter in law to be would not come in from the boat- I went out to do my best to hug and console her. I knew to call my Angels in. 

The next morning Craig went out at 6 A.M. hoping to search the spot before everyone gathered for another sunny day. He came back a couple hours later and picked up Laura and I. Tyler stayed back to order a waterproof metal detector to be delivered that night and ran to the store to get snorkel gear. Now to be clear, the “sand bar” that us locals hang out at is a very large waist high nondescript area…located on the backside of third lake … by the reeds lol. Forest Lake is comprised of 3 adjoining lakes making up 2,251 acres. It is one of Minnesota’s largest 100 lakes.The deepest point is 37 feet. 

So, where did we all park? Well, funny thing, I was staring at the reeds and the area we were in while they were all playing football, there was a point where I actually had to ask myself why I was continually surveying the area! Also, such a crazy thing, Craig & I separately watched Laura adjust her ring while playing football so we both knew she had it on. Then there was the pictures I just happened to take, it not only showed us where we were most likely located but I had a picture of Laura with her ring off! 

So there we were the 3 of us, the water was choppy and its hard to look without goggles when its waist high! I hopped in the water and went straight left and within 2 minutes I yelled I FOUND SOMETHING! Only to realize that was so dumb, I quickly followed it up with no Laura! It’s not your ring! I found a pile of cash sitting on the bottom of the lake- AMAZING!  I figured it was God giving me reward money for the person who would find the ring!   I can tell you this -it seriously was the only thing we found besides a pair of little girls goggles, a hair scrunchy and a lego man.


Yes there was many beer tops & cans and then there was the miraculous little pile of limes- yes! they were ours from the day before! We now knew we were pretty close to where the boats were parked. Tyler joined us along with many people coming out to enjoy the sandbar. We were on a mission. FIND THE RING! You cannot imagine the amount of people that asked the exact two questions… are you looking for something? Followed by, was it insured?… yes & no. We tried really hard to keep that area free of boats so we could really scour the area. 


Then there was this one boat… did you guys lose something? yes.. followed by “Do you have a waterproof metal detector?” What?! well, not yet?! Trust me when I say, these people were our Angels sent to us! Here they had just got to the sandbar and with no hesitation they handed us their big tube and promised they would be right back to help us… 

Sure enough, they returned shortly, they floated in on a different boat, the very same boat we passed in the channel and waved to the day before! We look over and this couple was suiting up in scuba gear! Jason and his wife are professional scuba divers! Jason instructed Craig on how to guide him armed with an oxygen tank, metal detector/earphones and scoop in the area we thought it was lost in. Heather his wife was surveying the area by hand, they gave up their family day to search for 4 straight hours! 


 Laura and I sat on the end of the boat to warm up after searching for hours, I quietly asked Laura if she was prepared if we were not able to find her ring. She answered back “ I don’t want any other ring, I just want the ring Tyler gave me”. She was not giving up hope. Sunset came and Jason and Heather let Ty & Laura continue for the evening with the their metal detector and earphones – are these people the nicest people on earth or what??? Right before they took off they just happen to mentioned that new batteries in the headphones might be a good idea (it allowed for better reception) and that they would see them at 5:45 bight and early monday morning… they had previously scheduled a repairman for monday morning to fix their air-conditioning so they were off from work-crazy!! Ty and Laura heeded their advice and replaced the batteries (which to me was part of a huge miracle) and continued their search till they could no longer see. Sadly we had a huge storm that night… Could it ever be found now? Laura had a dream that night that they found it…

Sure enough Jason and Heather were out at the site 5:45 am as promised. Heather even took an amazing picture of the kids!


Tyler was so determined to find Laura’s ring. The anxiety throughout this was just heart breaking! They suited up once more and within the first hour and a half Jason came up out of the water and said to Laura who was guiding him, are you looking for this??? HE FOUND HER RING buried 6-8 inches deep!!! Followed by “ BOOYAH!!! Praise God! Thank you Angels!!  Tyler was under water with a snorkel and the metal detector that he had just ordered. He just had a funny feeling and came up just as Jason was raising up the ring! 

Laura grabbed Heather who was searching the bottom of the lake and the four celebrated!!! Laura called me at 7:30 am and trust me -tears of joy!!! I told Laura – take a picture! Check! Give them the reward money I found! They would not take it…  Invite them to the wedding! Check!

IMG_6674IMG_1136Tyler was so grateful he wanted Heather to have his new metal detector so she would have one too! I knew we wanted and needed  to thank them properly- this couple was such a Godsend! I figured if they wouldn’t take the money I would use it to cook them a beautiful dinner! We gathered that next weekend in our home and raised a glass to our new found friends Jason and Heather. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! So many coincidences happened and all for an amazing reason!  You two will always be our blessed Angels here on earth ❤




 Also, a special thank you to their daughter Sam, she knew how sad Laura was while we were warming up on the boat and she gave Laura the silicone ring she was wearing so she wouldn’t feel so bad – thank you Sam! That ring will be on Laura’s finger out at the sandbar while her insured ring is safe and sound ❤


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