About Mama Carp

Hi! My name is Teri Carpenter – AKA “Mama Carp”

I’m a born & bred Minnesota girl that never seems to sit still. I’m a devoted wife & mother of three… Craig & I have been married for 33 years ♥

I’m the baby of five kids – I grew up in a house in the middle of 2 ½ acres of gardens (complete with a dirt road) in the small town of Coon Rapids. There my Mother taught us gardening, preserving what we grew, every craft under the sun & how to sew (even my brothers!) Competing at our county fair was an annual summer event!! Growing up I focused mostly on sewing- it intrigued me…I wanted to sew everything! At 15 I moved with my parents to the other side of town over my Mom’s craft store. I learned so much those next few years…..

My 22nd birthday was extra special… Craig & I met thru a mutual friend- our first kiss & it was a done deal! We were married before the year was through… I cannot believe what all we have accomplished together- it truly amazes me.

Made in Mexico – so, not wanting to wait on having kids our honeymoon kicked off the first of three pretty close in age children… They are the loves of my life!

With becoming a new Mother, came new projects, more things to sew, learning to cook, parties & a passion for taking pictures. Craig bought me my first “real” camera & has always tried everything I’ve cooked- (thanks Hun!)


My dream of having a family has my heart so full! This is our first family picture taken at Superstition Mountain, Arizona. My Son in Laws Ryan & Jared along with our future Daughter in law Laura ❤ And yes! That little bundle of joy is miss Elle, our very first granddaughter! November we are anxiously awaiting Allie & Jared’s first baby! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!!!


This blog is my way to hopefully inspire you, make you laugh & share my unending crazy projects.

In my inspirations   I’ll have postings on happenings (weddings, grandbabies & traveling) Some of my favorite photography, quotes I love, tips & tricks and my bucket list adventures.

In Celebrate the seasons I’ll take you through the seasons with decorating, recipes, gifts & party ideas – holiday traditions from my family to yours!

In Favorite recipes   I’ll give you tried & true favorites from cocktails to desserts –made conventional and coming soon gluten free & dairy free… Cheers!!

In My projects   I’ll share with you my crazy daily adventures – from quilting to flipping houses!

Also being a HUGE believer that everyone has a talent– I will  “feature a friend” and showcase something special about them.

I introduced a shorter version of “featured friend” called “Hello! My name is…” for my friends to show off their favorite recipe and a little bit about themselves. You’ll find those recipes under the Favorite Recipes tab as well.

So come with me as I share my life with you – I can’t wait to get this started!

6 thoughts on “About Mama Carp

  1. Teri

    You’ve inspired me to start over again. I miss writing. My blog has suffered, along with much else, as a result of my divorce. Please call so we can settle up. I need one more extra special pumpkin. My oldest son is getting married on Halloween. Centerpiece sized either “happy couple” or ” happily ever after”? We need to meet up for this pick up
    Do you take pay pal?

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