Rhubarb Custard Bars

These decadent show stopping bars were served at a friends party many years ago. It is not a diet bar by any means… and extremely hard not to eat just one!


2 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup cold butter

2 cups sugar
7 Tablespoons flour
1 cup whipping cream
3 eggs beaten
5 cups chopped rhubarb

6 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup whipping cream, whipped

In a bowl combine flour & sugar, cut in butter until the mixture resembles course crumbs. Place in a greased 9” X 13” pan. Bake 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, for the filling combine sugar & flour in small bowl. Whisk in eggs & cream, stir in rhubarb. Pour over crust and bake for 40 – 45 minutes or until set. Cool.
Topping; beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until smooth. Fold in whipped cream. Spread over bars. Cover and chill. Cut into bars. Store in refrigerator. Makes 3 dozen.


My Dearest Shannon,

The following post is woven with love, words and pictures from a recent card and quilt sent to our beautiful Niece fighting an unexpected stage 4 cancer. This is Craig’s very first Niece and such an amazing doll! She and her wonderful husband Bill are National swing dance teachers and are loved and admired by so many! These two were even in a Johnny Depp movie!! Recently Shannon thought she had the flu, instead she was handed the news of stage 4 cancer. So incredibly saddened by this news that I started her a very special quilt the next day. I had created my Serenity quilt a few years ago and has been made only twice before. A design prompted by my husband for a dear friend of his, then again for a friend of the family. She is fighting this battle like a champ choosing a very aggressive path towards her recovery. She has requested cat videos via FaceBook to keep her smiling…. Shannon, as you will see from my pictures my kitties couldn’t wait to be a part of this! WE LOVE YOU Shannonann and cannot wait for you to be healed!!!

“My dearest Shannon,
First and foremost this family is sending you ALL of our LOVE. We are handling this news of yours exactly as this:
We are putting you in God’s hands with INFINITE FAITH. He knows the GREATEST DESIRES of our hearts and we are CLAIMING THIS MIRACLE.


You have always had such a big spot in all of our hearts. You hunny are one UNIQUE individual!


You always have a gleam in your eye, graceful and so FUN! Bill, big props to you- you are the absolute BEST!

When I saw the Caring Bridge post that Tuesday night I was so sad- I was up at 2 am studying your Face Book page… you (of course) love the 1920-1930’s and the color red, you love black and white stripes and everything lovely.


I set out to make you something that would remind you of how much you are LOVED and you are not ALONE in this.


It’s sunny yellow on the back for the days that you need a little extra sunshine and it is big enough for snuggling with Bill  <3

It has been washed so its all set for you! Stay positive & strong! With all of our love, Teri & Craig, Chelsie, Ryan, Allie & Tyler

The making of the Serenity Quilt:

A few years ago Craig came to me and asked me if I would make something for a dear friends wife who had bone marrow cancer, he said it had to be very special. I asked, like a quilt?, and for the first time he said yes. I always try to put myself in the persons position, what would make me happy? I quickly called the husband and found out her favorite color. Then came faith, I knew that my favorite prayer was perfect. Then came love, a heart to remind them of how much your loved and wings to remind you that I sent you all of my Angels.  A quilt sized just right for hospital or home and for snuggling with your loved ones. Quilts really are like a great big hug when you need one, a fabric version of really good chicken soup. For Shannon, I relied on the reproduction fabrics knowing of her love for this era. I really needed this quilt to remind Shannon of who she is, and I needed it to be comforting.Here is how I started.


The blocks were placed, the borders were looking good and my center was ready to go.


I look over at my table and Max just flat out decided that he was going to play a big part of this!


With the blocks coming along , I was happy with the way it was turning out. Max & Sadie were pretty happy too!

Max still isn’t understanding that sometimes Mom just needs her table…


Although, he did have a great suggestion when I needed it! How did he know?!!


With the last addition of the red border, it was nothing but borders left!


Sometimes its good to take a break…. playtime and a good coffee.

With the big borders on, it was done in just 5 days and ready to go to my quilter Norma.



How lucky am I to have such a wonderful quilter?! I messaged her what was going on and she dropped everything to quilt this and send it back within 24 hours! Thats a good woman❤ Norma, again- thank you so much!!!! The quilt was back and it was perfect! Next to shear it down and prep for the binding- right miss Sadie?!!



It turned out beautiful and now just to wash it so it was ready for Shannon at her new place.


Shannon and Bill have a long road a head of them, we are asking for any and all prayers!

With Shannon losing her job in the middle of this and not able to teach dance any help would be greatly appreciated❤

Donations can be made at posthole.org/…nal/202561/how-you-can-help

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Here are the first two quilts❤


This is made for bone marrow cancer survivor Sue


This was made in loving memory of Dave Jeffrey

Made in Minnesota

Here in Minnesota we loooove us some Paul Bunyan and Babe…

Add in some pine trees, S’mores, 10,000 lakes and a whole lotta love and you’ll discover the reason we can’t get enough of this beautiful state!

This past winter I had the pleasure of coming up with something adorable for three brand new little boys. I wanted to do something fun and different from the usual little boy theme.
While perusing the bolts of fabrics at my local quilt store, I fell in love with the Minnesota theme that so many quilters obtain on a yearly basis. This was good… getting home from the quilt store sometimes feels like forever when I have ideas of coordinates flipping through my mind. I knew what I wanted to do and it was looking pretty awesome in my head…. by late afternoon the center is finished, now the fun part of picking all the fabrics!

IMG_9841I wanted to make a perfect sized personalized blanket/quilt with my favorite minky fabric on the back.

Max couldn’t agree more…. mmminky!

IMG_0767I surrounded my finished design with a fun log cabin block I drew up filled with beautiful coordinating fabrics and a plain block featuring my inspiration fabric.

IMG_0454I’ll tell you, max sure loves to help me whenever he can and I just can’t get enough of his company!

IMG_0842I love to have my cards reflect what I’ve been working on and these turned out cute enough to frame up afterwards.

IMG_0834It was so fun to talk to the three new Mom’s and get some personal input for the onesies. We had a great time delivering the finished gifts, welcome to the world Jack, Levi & Jordan!

Somewhere in the middle of working on all of the little boy gifts I needed to come up with something special for a lovely Niece of ours getting married this Spring. I just so happen to know that miss Cassi and her fiancé Corey were decorating in the Minnesota theme… so how perfect was this?!! I used my original design and turned it into a pillow with their last name and wedding date on it. I also had such a blast putting a basket of goods together- personalized towels, a MN cook book and a chunk of wood for a small indoor fire perfect for a romantic night of S’mores!

The best part was at the last minute Chels, Al & I wrapped it up and presented it “Dominican Republic” style… Cassi & Corey traveled with us the year before and we had ourselves an amazing time dressed in garbage bags & bandana’s for a day of off-roading in the mud! Cassi saw our package at her wedding shower and laughed so hard! It was even complete with Chelsie’s original bandana!

We love you Cassi & Corey!


Meanwhile…Allie needed a baby girl gift and I turned another little something I had been working on into a little girl version, a special thank you to Chelsie & Ryan’s cat “Bossy” for trying on my creation for the sizing haha!

Welcome to the world miss Hayden!


It’s finally Spring!! Get outside, plan your garden and start looking for those first stalks of rhubarb!! God bless and LOVE from Minnesota!!

Cute as a Bug’s Ear… Flip #8-Chelsie & Ryan’s Renovation

I am over the moon excited today to feature my Daughter Chelsie’s very first post here on Mama Carp!


After the new siding and windows were installed we stood back and were thrilled to see the exterior transformation of a house that needed some love. Yet, my dad still wasn’t impressed. It was missing something… shutters. He called me and explained in depth the importance of adding them to our home because it would make it, As cute as a bug’s ear. I’m still unsure of where he got that line from and have yet to actually see a bug’s ear… but if it is really as adorable as our little house became, then he is completely right. Four years later, every time that I drove into our driveway, this is what came to mind. Continue reading

Four New Purrfect Babies!!!

This past Wednesday was a very big day in the Carpenter family! Allie and I went to the airport for a very special arrival, 4 baby Persians!!!

Introducing my two new babies-
Mercedes Josephine (Sadie Jo)


Maxwell Vespurr (Max)


And, Allie’s two new girls-

Miss Gabanna (Gabby)


And Lulu Chanel (Sweet Lu)


Our family knew that we were living on borrowed time with our Truffles and Mocha and had been searching for a breeder for the last 3+ years. It was Allie that found one that we absolutely loved- Christypaws. It was so hard to let our sweethearts go this last end of summer and this house of ours was just too quiet. A part of you says -I am NEVER going through that ever again! And then theres the part of you that just needs that undeniable love of a little fur ball. Christy could not have treated us better, she updated us every two weeks on all the babies and kept me smiling when smiling was a little tough.


I chose her as a breeder because of her sweet spirit and excellent care for her kittens.


Christy with Sadie❤

It was an incredible experience and can’t tell you enough on what an amazing person Christy is. When December 9th,2015 finally rolled around it was a morning of wonderful texts from close friends and family. The anticipation of finally meeting these sweet little souls was amazing! Allie and I were off to the airport!

With now “happy tears” rolling down my face I knew it was the best decision to open my heart and have two new sweethearts in my life and Allie will now have 2 girls to raise and call her own! Thank you Christy for our PURRFECT additions! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Words Of Encouragement


My Husband Craig sent this message to our Daughter Allie last August. She loved his message so much she shared it on Facebook and it received such a beautiful response. I included the response from our oldest Daughter Chelsie as well. I hope in light of the recent world news that his words can give hope, I know it did for me as our Daughter Allie left Paris the afternoon of the massacre on her way to London on Friday. Love & God bless, Teri

August 30th, 2015
It is so easy to lose sight of what life is all about. Whenever I’m having a bad day, doubting myself, or need a word of encouragement, I can always count on my Dad. He is so incredibly wise. I received this message this morning and it
put me back on track and gave me peace. I couldn’t help sharing these beautiful words with all of you. Let today and everyday be one of kindness and love. Thank you Dad❤
(In case you didn’t know, fish is one of my Dads nicknames for me)

“Fish, there are so many people hurting out there, insecure fearful and depressed. They may look like they have it all together but are hurting or are lonely. Allow your spirit to feel and see the real people who are brought to your presence. Be yourself, the soft sweet gentle and caring person that you are. You will be called upon to give just the right smile, touch and words of encouragement when its most needed. People will be drawn to you. The bible says you will be like the light on the hill and the salt of the earth.Put your wants and needs aside and let the Lord use you to do his works. God will bless you with all the desires of your heart and the journey will be filled with love and joy beyond your wildest dreams. Love, Dad”

In response from Chelsie- “I could not be more proud or thankful to have him as our Dad. These are his words that he has said anytime that we focus on ourselves or go through difficult times….And usually during a big hug or slow dance…And I always bawl, because it is so incredibly powerful and real. The thought that we are to find our happiness and fulfillment through creating and prioritizing the happiness of others is something that our world could benefit from. True humility. I needed this message badly- sometimes we need a reminder to realize our perspective on what is really important. My heart feels a much needed calm- thank you for sharing, love you!”

Allie & Teresa 11/13/15

Allie & Teresa 11/13/15

The Pumpkin Fairy 2015

After a long hot summer I so look forward to pumpkin season! The cool crisp air, the harvest from our garden, gorgeous colors everywhere and of course PUMPKINS!!!!!
After a quick trip for a favorite pumpkin caffeine fix, I’m off to load up on all the beautiful fall foliage for my next season of decorating!

DSC_1880As soon as I’m finished and the house looks good then off to my room to start creating some beautiful pumpkins! Ribbons and sparkles EVERYWHERE! Continue reading