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Some weeks are better than others….

Good morning!  I thought I would share this morning’s sunrise with you : ) The ice is forming and no snow…I love it !



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She be Jammin’

I’ve been making this raspberry jam since my babies were little! The original recipe used blueberries, but when I tried a batch with raspberries… well, it was extraordinary – yummmm!

Not only do we use this on toast but also on fresh buttered bread, ice cream, peanut butter & raspberry jam sammies, topped on waffles & inside crepes to give you a few ideas. It’s fairly low in sugar, but the best part is its fresh! I can’t eat store bought jam anymore-

I buy my raspberries at Sam’s Club- it’s a bigger package – 12 0z. and usually pretty cheap.

Click ‘Mama Carp’s Raspberry Jam’ to view recipe!