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Flip #4 – Chelsie’s House

With Chelsie getting a full time job 45 minutes away (in good weather) it was time to look for something a little closer for her to buy. This house went on the market and Craig & I whipped over there….

Walking into this was pretty wild. There was a lot to look at-


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Merry Christmas <3

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas! This one was a little stress filled for sure- I don’t suggest getting surgery(s) before such a busy season… Continue reading “Merry Christmas <3”

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Early Christmas Present To Me <3

I am so excited!!! My blog is just 2 months old and as I look at my stats this afternoon I’m sitting at 15,999 views with visitors from all around the world!! Continue reading “Early Christmas Present To Me <3”

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NO Matter What…

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. The events from Friday have left me grieving. When there are no words, when there are no answers- one thing I know for sure, no matter what… I can pray. And when that doesn’t feel enough I pray some more.

I wanted to share a sweet project that Craig & I did a few years ago. We made a Nativity scene with leftover crates – It turned out beautiful! At night we lit it up with a spotlight for everyone to enjoy.


With love & prayers -t

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I have my very own Christmas Mouse…

This is my very amazing Daughter Allie ❤ Actually… its AlyssaNoel … AKA Allie mouse. Yes, even 23 years later you hear that nickname around the house. Here she is last Christmas helping me pack up Christmas boxes.


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