My Projects ♥ · The Art of Flipping

Flip #6- The Back Yard…


This last summer Craig surprised me with the landscaping of the back yard. After waiting 4 years I was the MOST excited for this and could hardly wait! We were in the middle of renovating Allie’s house and helping with Chelsie & Ryan’s wedding plans. He began with telling me he was only redoing the beach- I was happy about that, but wanted more….(July 11th, 2013)

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My Projects ♥ · The Art of Flipping

Flip #6- the front yard…

I’m so excited! One year ago today we launched “Mama Carp & company” and what a year it has been! I have truly had a wonderful time sharing my projects with you- here’s to another year!!

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My Projects ♥ · The Art of Flipping

Flip #5 – The Fireplace

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here are a few more pictures of the main floor of our home. My next post will be of the beautiful baby shower that we had yesterday!!!! Definitely got some great pictures to show you! Continue reading “Flip #5 – The Fireplace”

My Projects ♥ · The Art of Flipping

Flip #5 – One for us ♥

As promised, here is flip #6. Craig & I are proud to share our home with you on the day before our 26th anniversary. Today’s pic’s are a start and I will continue to share with you other parts of this project. We are very blessed, very proud and we welcome you to our home ❤ Continue reading “Flip #5 – One for us ♥”